iPad Workshops

Would you like to use your iPad to create artwork

in a new way, working in small friendly 

none competitive environment 

I have over the last few years created and run a series of iPad workshops North Derbyshire called "Improvising With Light" blending painting together drawing, photographs, paintings and water colours. I take delegates through post processing techniques and the development of the final artworks, transferring images onto a wide range of substrates- Wood, metal, glass, hand made papers, canvas, textiles and ceramics. The most important aspect about working with the iPad is that it allows you to develop your image ideas in a less complex digital environment. Most of the people curently attending the workshops are local artists new to working with an iPad, and we are exploring together new ways of working. using the iPad and six commercial available apps. It's about continuing the improvisation letting your unconscious mind take over to intuitively concentrate on your own creativity.


If you would like to know more about the workshops please e-mail me 


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