New Media Art (beyond Photography)

“New Media Art”.

I have had a wide experience in creating gallery exhibitions in fine and decorative art, but this is my first time working with New Media Art. This is my way of combining the technologies of today with some of the techniques of yesterday (composites). It is difficult to pin down the term “New Media Art” as it seems to escape definition. New media is said to be a way of working with and organising a wide series of technology, skills and processes that change so quickly it is impossible to fully work out just what those tools and processes are. New Media Art denotes an event just beyond our grasp, something that has only just arrived. Perhaps we should try not to characterise this new network of tools and ideas, but to accept that they are here to stay and this is just the beginning. My ethos is to develop a more fluid intuitive way of working, from the capture of the original sketches through to working with software apps in the creation of the final artworks.

Henri Cartier-Bresson said “The camera is a sketch book, an instrument of intuition and spontaneity. At the heart of my work is the creation of an extensive archive of photographic sketches, but you could also start with a water colour, a drawing, oil painting or film based photograph. Although my work starts with a photograph I think like a painter, my compositions are minimalist and use the visual language of shape, form, texture and colour, they are created using a very fluid intuitive technique of image capture, improvising with the light on any given day, they are split into two parts; foreground and background images, then crucial part of the process, making composites by superimposing two or more images. Maintaining the integrity of the high resolution sketches throughout is paramount as they will be used at a later stage to create the exhibition artworks.

There is a high degree of experimentation in the creation of these artworks, and it took me some time to develop the skill of pre-visualising multiple images. The individual sketches only work when they are combined with one another. The ability to add a wide range of textures and colours is extraordinary, sometimes using an opaque sweep of colour like a watercolour wash. If I go back and work on the same images again they will look completely different, because it’s all about the emotional response at that particular time.

On reviewing this archive of material it became clear that my work had gradually become more and more abstract. It is not my intention to try and replicate brush strokes or the textured effects of canvas. All of these artworks are created using my iPad and four disparate apps.


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